COURSE are the first annual international master classes for young composers in Ukraine, dedicated to stimulating creative activity within the community of Ukrainian musicians as well as to help young composers establish new creative contacts with their colleagues from other countries. Founded in 2012, COURSE have become one of the leading master classes of new music in Eastern Europe (along with the International Young Composers Academy in Tchaikovsky city, Russia). During the first four years of COURSE's existence, 33 young composers from Germany, Latvia, Greece, South Korea, Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine participated in the master classes, as well as two young Ukrainian musicologists. Ten composers from Germany, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia and Ukraine taught at COURSE. A week of submersion in artistic activity, exchange of professional experience, thoughts and ideas; creative work under guidance of established composers; presentation of one's own work; consultations with the members of Ensemble Nostri Temporis and premiere performance of one's newly finished work – all of this is COURSE. The format of the master classes encompasses morning, afternoon and evening events, both public (presentations, lectures, discussions, concerts) and individual classes with teachers and consultations with members of Ensemble Nostri Temporis.