Songs of War and The Sky

“Songs of war and the sky” is an international theatrical project connected with traditional patterns (songs, movements, fighting techniques) in the Indo-European civilization, as well as elemental sounds.

This project’s aim is not to establish a common ground where traditional exotic forms would merge in a sweet common music, but to dare to go through a series of shifts, challenges and conflicts, where hopefully we can appear and meet truly as human beings.

The image of this project would well fit the title William Blake gave to a collection of his poems and drawings : “Songs of innocence and experience”.

It involves 4 performers from Ukraine, India, France and Poland involved. Performance included practices like traditional polyphony, martial art, improvised music, ritual theatre… It has been developed in Ukraine, Poland and France, and supported namely by the Grotowski Institute in Wroclaw.

Ulyana Horbachevska – Ukraine

Jean – Francois Favreau- France

Sankar Nair – India

Ryszard Latecki – Poland