Lviv’s Weathervanes festival

The 13th Flugery Lvova To Be – NO MATTER WHAT!

In early May 2015 get ready to feast your ears & eyes on the 13th Flugery Lvova /Lviv's Weathervanes International Festival to be held in the Lviv City Hall inner courtyard (the accustomed & specially 'reserved' for the Flugery Lvova venue). The event has to be – no matter what! DZYGA Arts Association, the festival's organisers, invited for the participation in the three-day feast of high-grade music the artists from Poland, Norway, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Ireland and Ukraine (including musicians from Crimea and East Ukraine).The festival will be held from 1 to 3 May 2015.

1 May, Friday – presentation of the recently established Lviv School For Jazz and Contemporary Music is going to launch the Festival. For a few months the top Ukrainian jazzmen have been coaching their students, so now the first achievements are ready to be introduced to the audience. Get ready №1! The "callow but talented youth" will be followed by the Dzyga Jazz Quintet! Those Lviv jazz mastodons were among the first jazz pioneers in the remote 60s.This year just the Flugery Lvova stage will be the venue to celebrate their 15th anniversary. And there's more to come. The first day will also feature the Free Breath Ukrainian band and their light & relaxing but honest & dashing compositions. Except mighty open-air concert performances, deliberately prepared by the participants from different countries and specially for the Flugery Lvova Festival, the Dzyga team promises several extraordinary premieres.The HYCZ Orkestr, a languishingly- hooligan Lviv band is going to present their new Under the Brand of Ivan Yakovych programme (Ivan Yakovych Franko - prominent Ukrainian poet, writer, social and literary critic, journalist, interpreter, economist, political activist, doctor of philosophy, ethnographer, the author of the first detective novels and modern poetry in the Ukrainian language). Get ready №2! The Południce Elektronice ethno electronic Polish project. Line-up: quite ' non-professional' songstresses, but those who have managed to capture for ever the hearts of the most picky European music critics. Those incredible women are deeply involved in Polish folklore, but this time they are going to present Ukrainian ethno as well. Their motto is 'Better To Feel Than To Understand'

2 May, Saturday – one more Experience vs Juvenility music battle. The Richard Kanaforsky Quartet, an experienced & ingenious Polish band vs the Meltdown band, an ambitious & recent debutant of the Ukrainian music stage. As usual, the Festival can't do without the Jalapita poetical & driving Lviv band. And suchlike quite unexpected mixtures are going to surprise the audience further more. The Wovoka Polish band & their nordic-sunny compositions. Or the FIRKIN crazy energy band based on NOTE! Hungarian and Irish culture. All in all, the Flugery Lvova second day promises to be the loudest explosion in the environment of Lviv artistic spring. So as the Irish-Hungarian-Polish-Scandinavian-poetry-jazz projects are to be joined by the Gambardellas Italian alternative rock band.

3 May, Sunday – the day for Ukrainian bands and projects, especially for those representing Crimea and Eastern Ukraine (war zone), i.e. the Ground Beat, Kramatorsk city steadfast band (participant of a seriesr of the Peace vs War concerts held last year within the 14th Jazz Bez Festival); the Szklo (Kharkiv city band, young & mighty, like a spring hurricane); the Shatur-Gudur band (Crimean Tatar language based punk band from Crimea). And, as accostomed, the Festval's true-blue Polish friends will join the feast, including Jacek Bielas Bieleński & his Bielas I Koty Papieża / Bielas and the Pope's Cats new project; the Miąższ, an incorrigibly optimistic & cloudless band + the Shockolad band & Bria Blessing with their new project, purposely being prepared for the Flugery Lvova Festival. Not to forget the initiated many years ago by the Dzyga Arts Association strongly beloved, accustomed the GetUp! With... early Sunday morning concert-happening. This year the city of Lviv will be coupled with Kharkiv (East Ukrainian city) & its gorgeous representatives, including Serhiy Zhadan, the Shklo band. Headliner ... Moderator Yurko Izdryk (Ukrainian superb-contemporary writer, poet, culture expert, performer)

Lviv’s Weathervanes festival